Krakus Pickled Dill Cucumbers 490g


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Krakus is a leading brand in the world of cucumbers, soups, and soup concentrates. Famous for their excellent preservatives, it’s no wonder that Krakus Pickled Dill Cucumbers have become such as favourite product among families who know good food. Krakus Gherkins have been highly regarded for years both in Poland and around the world, as one of the key vegetables in Polish cuisine. Following a recipe that dates back to previous generations, Krakus’ pickles are second to none. Whenever you decide to enrich your dining table with this mouth-watering jar of goodness, rest assured that you’re choosing a condiment of fine quality. The unparalleled crispiness and sweet-sour taste of Krakus Pickled Dill Cucumbers is a result of the company’s years-long perfecting of the unique recipe. They are preserved with horseradish, garlic, mustard and dill. You can buy them separately or in bulk to get a deal that no other stockist can match.

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