Opies Pink Peppercorns with Malt Vinegar 105g


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Pink peppercorns bring sweet, peppery flavours to sauces and salad dressings with very little heat. They’re ideal in delicate white sauces for fish and chicken.

Pink peppercorns are baies roses – the berries of the Peruvian peppertree. They have subtle notes of juniper and citrus that pair well with vegetables. Try with grilled or roasted courgettes, or roasted fennel and shallots.

The pink peppercorns are preserved in distilled malt vinegar, so are soft enough to add whole into sauces.

Ingredients: peppercorns, distilled barley malt vinegar (16%), water, salt. Contains allergens: barley.

  • Size:105g, drained weight 45g

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