Clair Diamant Côtes de Provence -rose


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No summer afternoon is complete without a little bit of the pale pink/orange wines from Provence.

These light and crisp roses have just the slightest touches of bright berry flavors and can complement a meal perfectly or be delightful on their own.

The dry, refreshing, pink wines of Provence may not be complicated or heady, but they are certainly lovely. These brightly flavored, yet pale colored wines are full of crisp acidity with light touches of tart red berries and citrus fruit.

These wines may not be serious, but you can’t drink serious wines all of the time! Current trends are making these wines ridiculously popular, and for good reason.

They are the perfect summer wine and can make any light afternoon meal even better with their liveliness and pretty fruit. These are much lighter than most California roses, but are typically much fresher and sharper.

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Clair Diamant Côtes de Provence -rose