Happy Butter Organic Ghee – 300g


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Happy Butter Ghee is hand churned in Devon using only locally sourced grass-fed cultured butter. Cooked slowly for many hours leaving only the gorgeous nutty delicious ghee behind.

Made from locally sourced West Country Organic cultured Butter, we are starting with the best ingredients that are available. Adding in some care, love and attention and we have the most delicious and nutritious Ghee available. There are no imported ingredients in our Ghee, food miles are low and it’s supporting the best of British.

  • Our organic ghee butter can be used to substitute your cooking oil.
  • Use organic ghee butter as a cooking oil for sautéing or frying.
  • Our grass-fed ghee is lactose-free due to the process of creating clarified butter.
  • Ghee is also great for baking, can be used instead of butter in many baking recipes.
  • For roasting vegetables, you can melt the ghee and drizzle over before baking.
  • Also ideal for substituting butter in your Bulletproof coffee.
  • Ghee benefits from having a high smoke point so it is ideal cooking oil for frying.
  • Spoon pure ghee through steamed rice or pasta for a nutty aromatic flavour.
  • Ghee is very versatile because it tastes delicious on its own and as a healthy cooking oil at the same time.

Ghee has a long shelve life compared to fresh butter as it is a clarified butter.

Ingredients: Organic dairy butter.

Allergen: Milk

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